An Open Letter to The Responsible Jewellery Council and the Alliance for Responsible Mining

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our concerns in regards to the Fairtrade and Fairmined gold label, in context to the current relationship between the Alliance for Responsible Mining and the Responsible Jewellery Council.  We are concerned about how this relationship might impact the jewelers currently selling, and those interested in selling Fairtrade and Fairmined (FT/FM) gold in the future. We are also concerned for the strength of the Fairtrade and Fairmined brand, the enhancement of the quality of life for artisanal and small-scale miners and the expansion of responsible mining practices everywhere.

From its conception, the Fairtrade and Fairmined standard for gold and associated precious metals was the realization of a dream shared by small-scale miners and jewelers.   The result of this collaboration is the FT/FM brand and story based upon traceability and transparency from FT/FM certified mines.  The purity from source is critical. Therefore, all gold labeled as Fairtrade and Fairmined must continue to be traceable from a certified FT/FM mine, to a Fairtrade and Fairmined license holder.  Gold that is a mixture of FT/FM gold and gold from other sources (mass balanced gold), must not have any association with the FT/FM product, the certification process, or any vague association with fair trade language.

We actively encourage RJC members to become a part of the FT/FM certification system by purchasing FT/FM gold, paying the FT Premium, and thereby making a positive contribution to future development and security of the certified communities. Any attempt to bypass this process would be a blatant attack not only on efforts to create a consistent consumer brand; but also on, the work that many have done to bring us where we are today.  The chain of custody from producer through manufacturing must remain traceable, transparent and third party certified.

As FT/FM gold gains acceptance in the market through the pioneering efforts of smaller, artisanal jewelers, large companies will step into the market, which we view as an entirely positive development.  However, systems must be put into place to assure that jewelers currently holding FT/FM licenses and jewelers who will be license holders in the future will continue to have full and complete access to purchase FT/FM gold.

We believe that FT/FM gold is a transformative opportunity for the artisanal small-scale mining community and jewelry sector.   It is truly the most precious gold in the world.  We hope to see the day when FT/FM gold is the first choice for all consumers who wish to purchase gold jewelry.

Thank you for considering these critical points. We request that you sign this open letter if you share the views expressed herein.

Christina Miller, Ethical Metalsmiths

Marc Choyt, Fair Jewelry Action USA

Greg Valerio, Fair Jewellery Action UK

Mike Angenent

Jeweltree Foundation

Open Source Minerals

Dr. Michael E Conroy

Colibrí Consulting — Certification for Sustainable Development

Shamsa Diwani,

Gemstyles Company and Sparkling Sun-Gem Company Tanzania

Katherine DalPra
Green Diva Jewelry


Beth Gerstein

Eric Grossberg
Brilliant Earth


Carolyn Barker
Carolyn Barker Jewellery

Julia Turner
Julia Turner

Helen Chantler
Reflective Images Inc.

Amy Pieroni
A Pieroni Design
Gail Shaner
Gail Shaner
 Shelby Fitzpatrick
Shelby Ferris Fitzpatrick
Ralph Parus
Ralph Parus
Susan Saul
Susan Saul Design
Amanda Hunter
Amanda Hunter Designer Silversmith

Amanda Quinby
Amanda Quinby
Hobbs Wells
The Derelict Group, LLC
Designed Silver, UK
Raissa Bump
Raissa Bump Jewelry & Knitwear
T Lee
T Lee Fine Designer Jewelry

Orland Larson
Ilektrom Design Studio

Jennifer Cross Gans
Jenny’s Jewels

Kim Carpenter
Todd Reed Inc. USA

Ute Decker

Ute Decker, UK

Karin Birch-Cromar

Salish Sea Silver Co.

Susan Kingsley
Susie Ganch
Ethical Metasmiths

Genevieve Flynn
G. Flynn Jeweler

Josh Humbert

Kamoka Pearl


Kate Wilkonson 
Arcatus Jewelry, LLC
Todd Pownell
TAP Studios
Boris Bally
Bally Humanufactured, LLC
Douglas Zaruba
Vortex 13, LLC
Sheena Thomas,
Co- Elements, Ltd.
Evelyn Colemandin
Ekstasi Jewelry/OAK Collections, Inc.
Thomas Michaels
Thomas Michaels Designers.
Savannah Lisle
Harmony Jewelry

Sarah Kate Burgess

Sarah Kate Burgess

Robin Gaston
Uncommon Metals

Cassandra Adams
Cassandra Adams Architect

Julie Ashton
String of Blue Jewelry


Linda Tien

James Hutchinson
4th Street Gallery

Rosemary Mifsud
The Story of Two

Judy Geib
Judy Geib Plus Alpha, LLC

Marianne Hunter

Marianne Hunter

Susan Crow
East Fourth Street Jewelry

Michele Ratté
Michele Ratté Textiles

Jennifer Trude

Trudesign Metalsmithing

Daniel Szwaczkowski


Sarah West
Sarah West Designs

Susan McCauley
Susan McCauley

Nina Dinoff

Nina Dinoff Jewelry

Wanesia Spry-Misquadace

Wanesia Fine Arts

B.M.Friedl artist

Beate Maria Friedl

Gary Roberts

Ruby Fair


Christine Lawrence Caratess (UK)

Vivien Johnston BA(HONS) FRSA — Fifi Bijoux, UK

Tessa Holland, Jeweller, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Ardis Bartle
Apex Measurement and Controls

Audrée H.St-Amour

Audrée H.St-Amour

Jennifer Trask
Trask Studio Jewelry

Dee Frost

Silverworkz Gallery.

Caz Guiney and Ali Limb

Cheryl Kelly

Metal Wear

Hattie Rickards Hattie Rickards Jewellery  (DK)

Orland Larson

Ilektrom Design Studio

Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt,

Jewellery in Life


Brooke Battles
Brooke Battles Design

Bethan Carr

Bethan Carr Jewellery

Linda Weiss

Linda Weiss Designs

Molly Dingledine
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Felicity Peters,

Felicity Peters, Australia

Stefan Alexandres

Nancy Zappala Pierson  Metalsmith
Nanna Grønborg, Germany, Nanna Gronborg

Miia Turunen


Marina Belsito

Linnie Mclarty
Linnie Mclarty  (UK)

Melinda Nugent

Ethical Jewellery

Australia Pty Ltd

Katie Walker, Believer Jewellery Limited, UK.

Gina D’Onofrio

Jewelry Appraisal Services

Ryan Justin Holandes
Meriken Metals

Jimena Bolaños
Jimena Bolaños jewelry

Annika Rundberg

Annika Rundberg

Catherine Pépin
Catherine Pép

Elisabetta Brodaska

Eco Fairtrade Jewellery Designer — Italy

Juliet Cline
Juliet Elaine Design

Charlene Modena

Modena Designs

Erin Fader

Erin Fader Jewelry Design

Naomi Padowicz

Mietek Padowicz

Becky Thatcher

Becky Thatcher Designs

Julia Thompson
Designer Maker in Silver & Gold

Renee Mendola

White Goat Studio

Linda Weiss
Linda Weiss Designs

Michelle Lenáe Jewelry

Goldsmith, Fine Jewelry Artist

Mary Jo Goralski

Jamie Windhaeuser

Michael Goralski

The Jewelry Mechanic, Inc.

Penny Payne

Olive & Reg (UK)

Caroline Lepargneur

Cachou Bijoux

Claudia Abderhalden
Claudia A. designs  (US)

Jorge Arrieta

Niccolo Bella

Jessie Turner
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Erin Daily

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Rochelle Dodson

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Ingeborg Ohly



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Kristen Bak



Carol Dacre

Contemporary Jeweller,

New Zealand

Professor Patricia Madeja
Patricia Madeja Studio Jewelry — Pratt Institute


Meghan Connolly Haupt

Sulusso, USA

Spring Rees

Spring Rees

Neke Moa

Maori Jewellery

New Zealand

Godfrey Gardner

Jewellery Designer, UK.

Jo Taylor

Tootsie Valentine UK

Blanca Schusterman

Jewelry by Blanca

Elyse Demaray,

Demaray Designs

Felicia Szorad

Independent Jewelry Artist

Joe Muench

Associate Professor of Jewelry Iowa State University, USA

Ed Lay


Breeta Toma,


David Crump

Vipa Designs Ltd


Gina Johnson

Chocolate Couture (UK)

Alan Frampton

CRED Jewellery UK

Ben Manning

Utopian Creations


Anna Loucah

Fine Jewellery

Judith Lotter



Thomas Becker-

Atelier für Schmuck


Alexandra Simpson

Enchanting Jewellery Design UK

Amanda Li Hope

Amanda Li Hope UK

Jan Spille

Jan Spille – Schmuck


Jane Macintosh

Jane Macintosh Jewellery

William Rohtert

Geologist and Gemologist


Harriet Kelsall

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design  UK
Martha W D Bushnell

W D Bushnell


Liv Runa Ditte Thrane

Jewelry Students

Hereford College UK

Samantha Rose

September Rose Ethical Jewelry


Julia Bray Garretson

Julia Bray Garretson Jewelry

Anna Bario
Bario-Neal jewelry- USA

Ian Doyle

Associate, Lifeworth Consulting: France

Andrea Antonucci, Andrea Antonucci Ädelstenar


Cindy Dennis Mangan Jewellery Designer Manufacturer UK


Mariah Jo Layton Marie


Stefan Padowicz

Erin Pinto

Laura Judith Ryan

Erika Miller

Magdalena Goudie

Total number of signatures 152