One of the most memorable experiences I ever had on my jewellery adventures, was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia when I was working with artisan jewellers in the slums. They noticed my bangle was dirty, so they warmed some water, mixed in OMO and lemon juice, brought it to the boil and polished it off on an old t-shirt. That old bangle was literally transformed. Greg Valerio


Jewellery is a talisman that we will want to keep in prime condition, but like all adornment that is worn, over time it will collect dust, dirt and the odd knock and scrape. Below are some tips for ensuring your jewellery remains in great condition.
  1. Avoid contact with hard or abrasive surfaces, scratches can be polished out, but it is easier to avoid this all together.
  2. Exercising, playing sport, swimming or gardening, can take it toll on your precious jewels, so to prevent them from being damaged remove them before under taking any contact sports or exercise.
  3. Always remove jewellery when cleaning to prevent scratching and damage by household chemicals and detergents.
  4. Having a bath or a shower without your jewellery is best practice, as applying soap or other body products as they can leave a film on the jewellery and you don’t want anything lost down the plug hole.
  5. Always keep your jewellery in its original packaging or a jewellery box, this keeps it protected when you are not wearing it, and makes it easier to find.


To clean silver, use a soft cloth or a silver polishing cloth. Silver naturally tarnishes, so giving it a regular clean, or a soft warm bath in a bowl of water with a mild liquid detergent will help. Rinse under running water and use a soft cloth to dry the piece. This simple and effective process also applies to gold and platinum jewellery.

All of our jewellery is precious to us, especially engagement rings and heirloom pieces. To keep your diamonds sparkling, remember the sparkle originates from the light entering, travelling to the bottom of the stone and refracting back to the beholder. If it’s dirty, light will be restricted. To bring your stone back to life, fill a bowl with warm to hot water and washing up liquid. Let the stone soak for 20-40 minutes, brush the stone with of a soft-bristled toothbrush. Keep this brush separate from your other cleaning brushes and use it only on your jewellery.

The golden rule with keeping jewellery is, warm water, a mild detergent and a little time and dedication.