So proud of what Environmental Women for Action and Development (EWAD), Syanyonja Small-Scale Miners Alliance (SAMA) and CRED Jewellery are doing to make Fairtrade Gold work in Uganda, East Africa. What an uphill struggle.

So how do we support such pioneering initiatives? By ensuring that the gold you buy; whether your a jeweller or a customer, comes from SAMA. I know there are 100’s of pioneering jewellers across the world asking the critical question, ‘how do I make a difference?’ Well here it is. This is the difference.

Margaret Tuhumwire talks about Fairtrade gold in Uganda from Cred Jewellery on Vimeo.

So lets keep pushing forward, keep banging the drum of traceability, keep the pressure on Fairtrade Foundation and Fairtrade Africa to continue to promote this with consumers. Lets put our orders in with CRED Jewellery who have taken all the risk commercially to make this available in the market.

Having seen the hunger out there for a fully transparent and traceable jewellery product at the recent Human Rights Watch report, it is small groups like this that put the big boys to shame and are lighting the way in responsible sourcing.

Lets move beyond the concept of ethical jewellery and move the bar up higher to Fairtrade Gold being the default purchase in gold, in the UK and beyond. I believe.