Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have updated a link on my site to cover all the current license holders for Fairtrade Fairmined Gold. I am delighted to say that since the launch in February of this year we now have 33 jewellers who are using the certified gold. The profile of the jewellers ranges from the Oscar award green carpet jeweller Anna Loucah, the Royal Jewellers Garrard’s and the pioneering CRED Jewellery.

In truth whatever your jewellery taste, the Fairtrade system now has a jeweller that can fit your design taste. It is both a testimony to the steady growth in the adoption of Fairtrade Fairmined gold as well as the hard efforts being done at the mine sites to increase volumes and add more small scale mining operations to the system.

But this is not the full story, with more jewellers registering every month alongside more mine sites being explored in South America and excitingly Africa, the future for this jewellery revolution is looking good.

Lots of work to still do, but good progress being made.