Fairtrade Fortnight 28 Feb to 13 March

This is a chance to celebrate the success of Fairtrade around the world and to learn more about the stories behind of the 4,500+ products now with the Fairtrade Mark

The theme for this year is Show Off your Label

We’re asking everyone to show off about buying Fairtrade. Let people know how your choices support farmers and workers in developing countries.

Fairtrade offers 7.5 million people in the developing world a more secure future.  This means a guaranteed income above world market prices and extra money for community projects like schools, wells and health centres

Havant events include a Fairtrade meal at Havant United Reformed church on 15th March. Tickets available from Sue James 02392 250267.

The after dinner speaker will be Greg Valerio who has just been involved with launching Fairtrade and Fairmined gold in the UK. This will provide a lifeline for thousands of impoverished small-scale and artisanal miners in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru who find themselves at the mercy of unfair markets. Many face exploitation from middle men who pay below market prices and cheat them on weight and purity of gold content.

Being part of the Fairtrade and Fairmined system means miners will receive a set Fairtrade minimum price for their gold, plus the Fairtrade premium to invest in community and business development projects. Plans include improving working conditions at the mines and setting up community projects in education, health, and environmental restoration.

For a full press release see http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/press_office/press_releases_and_statements/february_2011/20_companies_say_i_do_to_fairtrade_and_fairmined_gold.aspx

The Fairtrade gold website http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/gold/

For more information, interviews and images, contact Martine Parry martine.parry@fairtrade.org.uk 020 7440 7695/07886 301486 Or Cristina Echavarria on 07794725521



1. The Havant Fairtrade group meets regularly to promote Fairtrade in Havant and in 2009 the Borough achieved Fairtrade status. Further details from Sue James 02392 250267 or on http://www.portsmouthfairtrade.org.uk/?page_id=1100


2. There are lots of ideas and resources on the Fairtrade Foundation website www.fairtrade.org.uk.

3. The full programme for Fairtrade Fortnight locally is on http://www.portsmouthfairtrade.org.uk/?page_id=1894


4. The FAIRTRADE Mark is a certification mark and a registered trademark of Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) of which the Fairtrade Foundation is the UK member. The Fairtrade Foundation is an independent certification body which licenses the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products which meet international Fairtrade standards. This independent consumer label is now recognised by 72% of UK consumers and appears on products as a guarantee that disadvantaged producers are getting a better deal. Today, more than 7.5 million people – farmers, workers and their families – across 58 developing countries benefit from the international Fairtrade system.

5. Over 4,500 products have been licensed to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark including coffee, tea, herbal teas, chocolate, cocoa, sugar, bananas, grapes, pineapples, mangoes, avocados, apples, pears, plums, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, satsumas, clementines, mandarins, lychees, coconuts, dried fruit, juices, smoothies, biscuits, cakes & snacks, honey, jams & preserves, chutney & sauces, rice, quinoa, herbs & spices, seeds, nuts & nut oil, wines, beers, rum, confectionary, muesli, cereal bars, yoghurt, ice-cream, flowers, sports balls, sugar body scrub and cotton products including clothing, homeware, cloth toys, cotton wool and olive oil.

6. 7 in 10 households purchase Fairtrade goods, helping Fairtrade sales reach an estimated £800m in 2009, up from £712m in 2008. There are over 460 producer organisations selling to the UK with 872 certified producer groups in the global Fairtrade system, representing more than 1.5 million farmers and workers.


Further information: Sue James 02392 250267 sue.james@yahoo.com