How to Buy an Ethical Engagement Ring.

When it comes to buying an engagement ring online, there are so many factors to consider that your head can feel like it is going to explode before you have even popped the question. Whether, you are unsure of the stone colour, ring style or size, below we address often asked questions on buying engagement rings to help make your online customer experience a joy.

As always, Valerio Jewellery offers something a little bit different… Here, we focus on ethical engagement rings and explore what is involved in this relatively new, but no less important, dimension of the ring buying process.

Saying yes, is an explosion of dreams come true. Seal it with the finest ethical engagement ring from Valerio Jewellery.

Saying yes, is an explosion of dreams come true. Seal it with the finest ethical engagement ring from Valerio Jewellery.

What does an engagement ring mean to you?

For centuries, people have used jewellery – especially bridal jewellery – as a symbol of their strongest memories and feelings. At Valerio Jewellery, we offer you the opportunity to mark the intention of marriage with a Fairtrade engagement ring, crafted beautifully without the needless exploitation of others or the planet.

We create the world’s purist engagement rings, which establish a harmonious and elegant union between the land, the miner, the jeweller (us) and the customer (you). By choosing to buy an ethical engagement ring from Valerio Jewellery, you are cementing the purest bond between you and your loved one.

Set a budget and shop smart to please all.

Buying a Fairtrade engagement ring does not have to be out of your price range and the most important thing about the budget you set is that it is a budget that works for you and your financial situation. It is important to keep this budget in mind when shopping and look for something that ticks as many of your boxes as possible, without leaving your bank account empty.

There are a number of factors that will determine the cost of the engagement ring you choose and the selection of an ethical engagement ring does not necessarily ramp up this cost. Valerio Jewellery offers Fairtrade gold engagement rings in a variety of finishes, a less pricey and more sustainable metal than platinum. We use solid white gold (18k or 14k) so there is no need for it to re-coated like plated golds, making jewellery care hassle-free too. While ethical diamonds are likely more costly than alternative ethical gemstones such as rubies and sapphires, if you are working to a tighter budget you might need to think outside the (jewellery) box to find something that suits both you and your partner.

Use clues and advice to pin down style.

When wearing a piece of jewellery on their hand for (hopefully) eternity, it is important that your loved-one is delighted by the way it looks and that it says something about her/him as much as it says something about your relationship and your life together.

Perhaps you know that your betrothed’s style is minimalist and understated so therefore a classic ethical diamond engagement ring such as a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring or a Tulip Trilogy Diamond and Fairtrade Gold Engagement Ring would be ideal. Maybe you know her style is big, bold and colourful and that she will adore an engagement ring featuring a stunning ethical gemstone in her favourite colour such as a Pink Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring or an Oval Cut Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring.

For those who are not 100% sure about which style will tickle their intended’s fancy, it is well worth taking a peek inside their jewellery box and / or wardrobe to try and pin-point their look. It is also a good idea to pay attention when they admire jewellery in shop windows or when browsing online or in magazines. But remember, there is no harm in asking for help or for a second opinion from their friends or family. Alternatively, why not ask them what they would like? There is nothing wrong with shopping for an engagement ring together and it can actually be a lot of fun, what is more, they are guaranteed to end up with the perfect piece.

Starlight Halo Ladies Fairtrade Gold Engagement Ring

Starlight Halo Ladies Fairtrade Gold Engagement Ring

Make sure you consider the C-Factor.

While gemstones are making a come-back and the Valerio Jewellery offers myriad magical Fairtrade engagement rings set with glorious ethical gemstones, for some, only diamonds will do. We only sell conflict-free diamonds and recommend that you select a conflict-free engagement ring for the purist talisman of your love.

When shopping for diamonds you should always consider the four Cs – Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour – to find the right stone. Each C is important but, as Cut determines the diamond’s sparkle, it is often favoured above the rest when a compromise must be made. For example, when on a tight budget, Carat is often the first feature to be compromised as clever designs such as the halo, which comprises a cluster of smaller diamonds, gives the illusion of more overall lustre.

But, as Men’s Health recommends, there are a further two Cs you should consider – Credibility and Certifications. Make sure that like Valerio Jewellery, the jeweller you are buying from has good credentials by way of excellent customer reviews and testimonials as well as proven expertise. For example, our founder Greg Valerio has extensive experience as the pioneer Fairtrade jewellery campaigner and ethical jewellery supplier.

You should also expect any engagement ring containing diamonds over 0.20cts to come with a certificate – our conflict-free diamonds are also fully traceable to either CanadaMark™ or Botswana sources. Whatever ring you buy, you should look for two marks to show the authenticity of the metal used – the hallmark to show the type and purity of the precious metal and the designer / jewellery maker’s mark. All Valerio Jewellery engagement rings feature a hallmark for the Fairtrade gold used, the Fairtrade symbol and the Valerio Jewellery brand mark.

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An engagement ring as unique as your intended…

Here at Valerio Jewellery, we appreciate that each person is as unique and as special as the jewellery they wear. This is why our bespoke Fairtrade jewellery design service is so popular among those looking for ethical engagement rings. Your betrothed might not be the “traditional” type and this allows you the freedom to have a hand in creating something exclusive for the one you love, which embraces their individuality and adds an extra element of personalisation to their engagement ring. We have even come up with seven steps to heavenly custom crafted fine jewellery to help you on your way.

Ensure the perfect fit for everyday comfort.

While we appreciate you cannot “try before you buy” when shopping for an engagement ring online, you can use resources around you to your advantage. Whether, you opt to buy your own ring size gauge, sneak away a piece of jewellery she / he already wears on their ring finger (the one closest to the little finger on the left hand) or go to a shop on your high-street to get your love’s ring finger sized, there are a number of simple solutions at hand. Also, if your Valerio Jewellery engagement ring is a little snug or loose, we will gladly resize it to perfection at no extra cost either before or after you have popped the question.

Hopefully, our words of wisdom have answered any burning questions you may have had and filled you with ideas of how to go about buying the perfect ethical engagement ring. Please get in touch if you have any further questions or would like personal assistance with your ethical engagement design or purchase.

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